Welcome to Village

Well. It's time to experience. Let's start now!

As one of the renowned brush painters in Asia, Li Jin's artistic theme celebrates life itself with vivid flavors, fragrances, and restoring the true nature of life with comfortable and relaxed styles... The restaurant named "Village Asian Fusion & Sushi Bar", owned by Asian Bodybuilding Champion Lily Cao, shares the same desire and attitude with Li Jin, which is: original, genuine, fresh, delicious and healthy!

While you are satisfied with a gluttonous feast, taste buds at the top of your tongue are also challenged. Moreover, you will gain visual happiness by witnessing the feast and a spiritual shower that's full of humor and energy. Green fruits and vegetables, fresh sashimi, mouth-watering braised pork, succulent lobsters, etc. will all make you share the healthy and abundant food culture, as well as an active and delightful emotional experience so that we can feel the love and joy for living this moment!

Right here, in "Village Asian Fusion & Sushi Bar", no matter "who" you are or "where" you come from, you always be able to find the unique cuisine to enjoy and the life experience that belongs to you.